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All channelcentral services are unaffected by Coronavirus and are running as normal. Any face-to-face meetings will be held using Teams or Skype instead, or rescheduled. If the situation changes as a result of Coronavirus / Covid-19, we will post an update on this website.



This service from channelcentral allows the supplier, who may be a distributor, to provide its buyer a restricted portfolio of items which are available, and specify a fixed price per item. A Web Store makes buyers' lives much easier as they have a clean and precise catalogue from which they can order with confidence. Giving buyers a restricted portfolio allows the supplier to be more competitive with their pricing.

channelcentral makes providing this service simple. The supplier provides the product information, and channelcentral will develop an online catalogue which allows the buyer to find the products by filtering down based on their category and localization. Once the buyer has filtered down to a relevant section they are then presented with an overview for each product, and they can add to the shopping cart from this screen or can optionally view full product details. Once the buyer is happy with their product selections they can then transfer the cart over to their eCommerce system to be processed and ordered.


  • Specialists in the Channel working at every level from manufacturing to end user
  • Experience of developing web stores for some of the largest distributors
  • A team of internal product specialists to manage updates
  • Frees up your internal resource to concentrate on selling
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