Innovation is vital to channelcentral – our products and services have to remain market-leading, in order to ensure that our own capability anticipates customer demand. channelcentral continues to invest in Research and Development to drive innovation in our areas of expertise.

Operating at the leading edge of our technology-driven market sectors leads to a high degree of uncertainty – which technologies and trends will become dominant in the B2B SaaS landscape? How can we position channelcentral to best exploit these trends?


All of our research and development efforts relate directly to our primary line of business, and in time will have the potential to form the building blocks for the creation and launch of new commercial products and services.

We identify technology and behavioural changes and pressures in our worldwide market, research the impact on our services, and develop new and innovative technologies and solutions. This enables channelcentral to invest in new developments and continue with a high degree of confidence, to offer new, exciting and compelling services to our customers.


Our investments in R&D must of course deliver useful outcomes. Our R&D work delivers prototypes, not all of which are successful or are taken forward to production use. The deliverables we seek can be summarised as:

  • The invention and initial development (to a prototype-ready state) of new computational techniques and technologies.
  • Innovation and research into new UI models.
  • Prototyping of new operational methods.
  • Prototyping and innovation around the use of AI, including data analysis automation.


channelcentral will continue to invest in R&D, long term. Our future depends on it.

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