As consumers, we’ve been using Marketplaces for years: Google Play, eBay, Amazon all roughly fit the description of a Marketplace. Consumers like them because they offer choice and value for money: multiple manufacturers sold by multiple sellers. They’re also content rich containing detailed product information, reviews and even Q&As. It’s not all perfect, particularly around fake reviews and a lack of strong product associations (what goes with what).

Forrester’s Definition of a Marketplace:

“A business model where a governed environment allows third parties to offer products, services, or information to an audience and where the transaction is facilitated by the marketplace owner and fulfilled by the third party.” 1

What’s changing is that Marketplaces are becoming the preferred procurement vehicles for Businesses. Traditionally those buyers have bought from Manufacturer stores or Resellers (either online or offline).

channelcentral is ideally placed to host a Marketplace and is planning to launch a Device as a Service (DaaS) Marketplace in the UK. Here’s why channelcentral is a great option for your planned Marketplace:

  • Independence from any Manufacturer.
  • Not a Reseller or Distributor so there is no conflict of interest or portfolio limitations.
  • Holds enhanced data on a number of key Manufacturers so can offer configuration/customization of products.
  • Full DaaS (Device as a Service) capability.
  • Strong APIs to support price and inventory feeds from Marketplace Vendors.
  • Scalable infrastructure and large pool of Product Managers and Developers.
“Marketplaces… will make technology buying and selling easier by reducing friction and increasing sales volume. Small businesses and motivated enterprise buyers (especially those buying indirect goods) will flock to a place that offers choice, makes comparisons easy and pricing visible, features reviews, and has add-ons just a click away.” 1


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1 “Think SKUs, Not SOWs: How Marketplaces Will Shake Up Tech Selling”, Forrester Research, Inc., November 12, 2019
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