Enabling web stores to sell better

It’s incredibly frustrating when users visit web stores to buy products and they are unable to determine associated products and minimum or maximum quantities a product can support.


channelcentral offers a range of data services to drive CPQ capability into web stores operating in the IT Channel. With these data services, delivering configuration data, any company can deliver CPQ as a total integrated experience - simply, effectively and robustly. The company does not need to know which products are compatible and any of the rules of the hundreds of potential combinations.

channelcentral web services contain ‘always valid’ configurations, known as ‘attach patterns’. This creates an eCommerce facility which is fully integrated into an existing web store, allowing companies to retain complete control over the user experience, branding and vendor impartiality.


channelcentral data services are ideal for vendors wanting to drive higher average deal values and best ease of use into their market, with minimal complexity.

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