Coronavirus / Covid-19

All channelcentral services are unaffected by Coronavirus and are running as normal. Any face-to-face meetings will be held using Teams or Skype instead, or rescheduled. If the situation changes as a result of Coronavirus / Covid-19, we will post an update on this website.


CPQ for Multi-channel sales

channelcentral CPQ services enable users to accurately and efficiently quote at any time with the latest pricing, within the IT Channel. Spend more time selling and less time quoting. With the added benefits of increasing quote conversion rates, improving average deal size and margin, while reducing workload.

Evidence from existing channelcentral CPQ implementations shows that sales teams with the right CPQ tools work more efficiently and profitably. Furthermore, faster and more accurate quoting results in improved job satisfaction for sales staff and better customer satisfaction. With the additional benefit of detailed management information on utilization, pitch rates (number of times a product of interest is quoted) and performance. Everyone wins!

Experts in the IT Market, CPQ and the IT Channel

channelcentral works closely with IT Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers to improve their sales outcomes. Many channelcentral staff have experience in the IT Channel, our consulting advice has the combined benefit of being expert knowledge on a solution, designed specifically for the IT Channel. If you don’t sell via the IT Channel our services still resonate with direct sales motions.

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