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boost! is a suite of flexible Web Services aimed at improving your customers' eCommerce experience, including different levels of data:
  • Compatible Options: guaranteed, relevant and complementary Hardware, Services and Software to attach to Systems, increasing Average Unit Price (AUP) and Margin.
  • Recommends: refines the Compatible Options data with pre-defined filters to shape customer demand.
  • Attach Patterns: offers a pre-selected set of compatible options that are known to work together with the pre-installed features of the base product, across multiple categories. Enabling faster, high-confidence decision-making for technical products.

The benefits of using boost! Data Services include:

  • Improved customer eCommerce experience
  • Enrichment of your existing product data
  • Help focus customers on purchase intent
  • Organically grow your attach sales
  • Provide your customers with confidence when buying technical products by offering validated attach options or even configuration

See boost! in action:

To see the 3 levels of Data Service – Compatible Options, Recommends and Attach Patterns
Access our demo site

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How can you get boost! Data Services?

Customers can build their own application to leverage our services or consume a light application from Each data level has its own price depending on the complexity of the service required:

Compatible Options -

Recommends –

Our Channel experts will meet with yours to discuss your exact requirements. Once we have these we can provide you with a quotation and via a simple Web Service have you up and running before you can say boost!
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