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All channelcentral services are unaffected by Coronavirus and are running as normal. Any face-to-face meetings will be held using Teams or Skype instead, or rescheduled. If the situation changes as a result of Coronavirus / Covid-19, we will post an update on this website.


channelcentral Rolls Out BI Reporting

channelcentral has invested in a new Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tool for its customers.

These reports provide each customer with statistics on utilization across the range of applications offered by channelcentral, in graphical or text format.


  • Reporting is flexible: we can provide PDFs or, for customers with their own BI systems: data only.
  • Delivery is via email, however we also host the reports in the applications themselves for users with access. Recipients can choose which delivery mechanism they prefer.
  • Reports are monthly, with up to six months data in each report.
  • For ‘framework customers’ we provide a report per country and regional/grouped reports.
  • We’re currently supporting the following languages: Spanish and English.
  • Reports are explained using a Blog Page.
  • 360 degrees feedback: recipients can complete a survey to help channelcentral improve the reports.
  • Recipients selection: we choose report recipients based on their role, but it’s easy to either unsubscribe or nominate other users.

All investments in systems, no matter how small, require a solid ROI. channelcentral is committed to providing valuable information and support to its customers so that they can maximize their investment of the applications we provide.

Want to find out more about reporting and how it can help drive up utilization?
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