Coronavirus / Covid-19

All channelcentral services are unaffected by Coronavirus and are running as normal. Any face-to-face meetings will be held using Teams or Skype instead, or rescheduled. If the situation changes as a result of Coronavirus / Covid-19, we will post an update on this website.



channelcentral’s CPQ services support banners, content hosting and management, loyalty programs, and links to external websites or applications. IT Manufacturers or Hosts (typically a Resellers or Distributors) can leverage these marketing opportunities to drive sales. You could reach up to 60 countries and more than 19000 customers a week. IT Partners who have placed banners within our applications see a significant uplift in quote attach rates. The user population in our tools continues to grow, so there is no better time to propose promotions, products and offers.

channelcentral measures displays, click through and quote attributes to ensure that organisations can measure Return on Investment.

If you would like to discuss any marketing opportunities with any of our tools, please contact us using our Contact Us form.

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